A-Storage Hub – Smart Logistics!

A-Storage Hub is a company in the sphere of e-commerce, warehousing and transport logistics. We do our best to upgrade our services list. Our main aim is to help you in the development of your business. Each customer matters, our company offers reliable and quality service as well as individual prices based on the volume of your inventory.


Wide range of basic services

● Receiving ● Inspection ● Labeling         ● Packaging

Effective 3PL solutions

● Selection of carriers to / from the USA ● Carriers of the USA, Canada and China

Sending goods around the world

● Help with shipping documents

Competitive prices

● We offer competitive, yet, affordable prices for our customers; including individual discounts according to the volume


To calculate the cost of the services you are interested in, use the form on the right. We will do our best to contact you as soon as possible. Please check that the data is correct.

Thank you for choosing us! We look forward to helping your grow your business!

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Your FBA Vocabulary

Location – Where is the prep center located?

Tax Free – Is the prep center located in a tax free state? This allows OA orders without sales tax. Wholesale orders generally do not incur sales tax.

Prep Time – How long does it take to prep & ship your items once everything has arrived?

Wholesale – Larger shipments of similar items. They often arrive  on pallets.

Imports – Shipments directly from the manufacturers; usually from overseas.

OA – Online Arbitrage shipments from online based retailers.

RA – Retail Arbitrage drop-offs or shipment of items purchased locally at retailers.

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