How it works

Send us your request by e-mail, Skype or via company’s official Facebook page Facebook –

Call us at +1 213 503 8766 or send us a message via messengers on the mentioned phone number. (Please note, our time zone is GMT -8, Los Angeles)


After receiving your request, we will respond you ASAP. You will get our full price list and answers to all your questions. Our simple pricing is a flat per unit rate, you know exactly what your costs will be before sending any shipments to us. You only pay for services you get.


Send your shipments to our warehouse address in California. It may be either international or domestic shipment and even returns from your customers. Our company processes items of any size and quantity.

When the shipment is delivered to our warehouse, we will inform you about its quantity and condition. You may request boxes/product pictures and/or video.

Once we receive your inventory, we will process it according to your instructions. Usually shipments are processed and sent off to Amazon within 24-48 hours.


Bank of America account (no additional fee)

PayPal + 5% fee

Payoneer  + 4% fee

Please note, all the new clients are requested to pay in advance. Pre-payment sum should not be less than $50.00. We have no initiation or sign up fees, this money will entirely be used as payment for our services.

We will enter you into our system and prepare to receive your shipments.

Sending your inventory to Amazon warehouse indicated in your shipping label.